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How to Install Stable Diffusion Models for Automatic1111 Web UI

Civitai Stable Diffusion Model

How to Use Stable Diffusion AI Models?

In this tutorial, we will focus on utilizing the AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI. To make the most of this interface, you'll need to download and install the necessary models. To learn more about how to navigate and effectively use the AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI, please refer to my guide below.

Before we move on, Stable Diffusion Models can be accessed through various Web UIs available online. These interfaces make it convenient to interact with Stable Diffusion models. Many Stable Diffusion WebUIs have sprung up online, providing convenient access to these powerful art generators. New WebUIs are constantly emerging, making it challenging to keep track of. To help you get started, refer to the link below for some popular options:


How to Add Models in AUTOMATIC1111?

Civitai models

Step 1: Accessing Stable Diffusion Models

Stable Diffusion Models can be accessed through various Web UIs available online. These interfaces make it convenient to interact with Stable Diffusion models. Here are some popular options:

  1. Web UIs: Numerous Stable Diffusion Web UIs are available on the internet. You can find them by performing a quick search. These web interfaces are user-friendly and provide access to various models. [Learn More]

  2. Stable Diffusion WebUI: For the purpose of this tutorial, we will focus on the AUTOMATIC1111 interface, which is one of the popular options. Installation guide at the following link: Prerequisites Installation Guide to Stable Diffusion

Step 2: Downloading Stable Diffusion Models

To use Stable Diffusion Models, you'll need to obtain the model files. These files can be sourced from different locations, including:

  • Hugging Face: Hugging Face offers a wide range of AI models, including Stable Diffusion models. [Download Here]

  • is a user-friendly platform that provides access to Stable Diffusion models. It offers a wealth of information and resources in an inviting graphical interface. [Download Here]

For simplicity, I recommend using to download Stable Diffusion models due to its intuitive interface.

Step 3: How to Install Stable Diffusion Models in AUTOMATIC1111?

automatic1111  refresh button
Refresh if your UI is already open

Once you've downloaded the Stable Diffusion checkpoint, you'll need to add them to the AUTOMATIC1111 models folder to install. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Locate the Model Folder: The model files should be placed in the following directory structure: Stable-Diffusion-Webui > models > Stable-diffusion

  2. Open WebUI or Refresh: After adding a new model, use the refresh button located next to the dropdown menu. This button updates the list of available models in the interface. It is essential to click this button when you've added a new model and want to use it. Or you can simply restart the Web UI.

That's it! You've successfully added and accessed Stable Diffusion models using AUTOMATIC1111. Enjoy experimenting with Stable Diffusion models for your AI projects!

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