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How to Install InvokeAI 3.0: A Cleaner Web UI for Stable Diffusion

Updated: Aug 2

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InvokeAI 3.0 is here! This cutting-edge creative AI engine is designed for both professionals and enthusiasts, providing a robust platform for generating awe-inspiring visual media. With InvokeAI 3.0, you get an industry-leading web interface, a highly interactive command-line interface, and a solid foundation for numerous commercial products.

From direct rendering in Text2Image and Image2Image panels to invisible watermarking support, InvokeAI 3.0 enhances your Stable Diffusion experience like never before. Its automatic installer makes the set up process easy even for first-time users, promising a smoother integration with both diffusers-style and .safetensors-style SDXL models.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing InvokeAI 3.0 using its automatic installer.


Table of Contents:


Benefits of InvokeAI 3.0

Invoke AI - Stable Diffusion Toolkit

The latest InvokeAI 3.0 comes packed with a suite of impressive enhancements over its predecessors, elevating your Stable Diffusion experience to a whole new level.

Primarily, it brings forth support for Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) rendering directly in Text2Image and Image2Image panels, making the image generation process more streamlined and efficient. Plus, it accommodates both diffusers-style and .safetensors-style SDXL models, extending compatibility to a broader range of AI-driven technologies.

Additionally, InvokeAI 3.0 integrates invisible watermarking, which is particularly recommended when working with SDXL. This added layer of security helps protect your creative output, especially when shared in digital spaces.

Finally, the automatic installer simplifies the installation process, making it more accessible to first-time users. This feature takes the hassle out of setting up InvokeAI, allowing you to delve straight into creating awe-inspiring visual media.

All these benefits make InvokeAI 3.0 a valuable upgrade for professionals and enthusiasts, offering a more intuitive and advanced platform for visual media generation.


Before diving into the installation of InvokeAI 3.0, you should make sure that your system meets the following prerequisites. Meeting these specifications will help ensure a smooth installation process and optimal operation of the program:

  1. Operating System: Windows, MacOS, or Linux. Make sure that your operating system is up to date.

  2. Python: InvokeAI requires Python 3.8 or higher. Python can be downloaded and installed from the official Python website.

  3. Hardware: For optimal performance, it is recommended to have a system with a good GPU, at least 16 GB of RAM and a minimum of 6-8 GB VRAM for rendering 1024x1024 images.

  4. Storage: Make sure that you have sufficient storage space on your computer to accommodate the InvokeAI installation as well as for generated images and models. I recommend at least a 1TB drive. These files are huge!!

  5. Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is required for downloading the InvokeAI installer and any additional models.

Before installing InvokeAI 3.0, certain prerequisites need to be installed, such as Python, CUDA Libraries, and Microsoft Visual Studios. I've prepared a detailed guide to assist you in setting up these prerequisites, which you can access here.

Or Follow Below:


1. Install python 3.9 or 3.10. Python version (3.11 and above are

not supported at the moment.)

2. Install the Visual C++ core libraries.

Download and Install the libraries from link > Microsoft C++ Core Libraries

3. CUDA Toolkit Download

4. Visual Studio Download

If you don't know what your system architecture is for downloading Visual C++: In Windows Search Bar > Type System Information > System Type > x64-based PC is mine.

blonde  woman in pink showing you technical work
Find your System Type in System Information

Installing InvokeAI 3.0

⚠️ Note: This installation process can be time-consuming. Please allocate enough time and ensure a stable internet connection before starting.

Kawaii Aesthetics Blonde Super Model in a white blouse installing Invoke 3.0
Double Click the "Install" Windows Batch File

Step 1: Download the InvokeAI 3.0 Automatic Installer.

Step 2: Extract the Installer.

  • Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded ZIP file.

  • Extract the contents using any ZIP file extraction tool, such as WinRAR or 7zip.

Step 3: Run the Registration Entries

  • Double-click on the file WinLongPathsEnabled.reg in order to enable long path support on your system.

Step 4: Run the Installer.

  • Inside the extracted folder, you'll find the installation scripts.

  • Double-click to run 'install.bat' if you're on Windows. ( For Macintosh or Linux users, launch the '' script. You can also open a command-line window and execute the installation script directly.)

Step 5: Follow the Installer's Instructions.

  • The installer will guide you through the rest of the installation.

  • Follow the prompts, making sure to correctly specify installation paths and other settings as per your preference.

  • Move your cursor over the desired option and press the Space Bar to make a selection.

  • Use CTRL-N for Next and CTRL-P for Previous

  • Move your cursor over to "Next" and press Space Bar to move on.

Retro babe menu screen for invokeAI  3.0
Hover mouse and press "Space Bar" to select.
Retro blonde babe in neon room.
Select the Model you want to START with. I only wanted the SDXL models. More can be added later.

Step 6: Validate the Installation.

  • After the installation is completed, make sure InvokeAI 3.0 is working correctly by launching it from the installed directory using "invoke" Windows Batch File.

  • It will initiate a Command Prompt window, where you will choose the preferred task. "Select 1. Produce images using the browser-based interface."

  • Type the Uvicorn address that looks like this "http://##.#.##.####" into your browswer.

  • If everything is running smoothly, you've successfully installed InvokeAI 3.0!

User IP
Copy this address into your browser to start using Invoke 3.0

Step 7: Update and Other Tasks

  • Start up the "invoke" windows batch file and you will have the option to update, install new models, train and more.

Oh boy! This took me about 1 hour to install. Good luck and enjoy using Invoke 3.0!

Step 8: Using Existing Models from Automatic1111

  • Supplementary Step: If you have already stored models in the Automatic1111 folder, you can simply copy the link from this folder and connect it to InvokeAI.

  • stable-diffusion-webui folder > models > Stable-diffusion > Copy folder address

  • In the InvokeAI Web UI, navigate to the Model Manager (represented by a cube icon). Here, select "Import Models" and in the "Model Location" field, paste your Automatic1111 models directory. For example, my directory is D:\A1111-SDXL\models\Stable-diffusion.

Folder address
Copy folder's location and paste it in Invoke 3.0

An alternative method to add models is through

  • Search for a model on the site, right-click on the blue rectangular button, and select 'copy link address.' This will provide a link to download the model, like this:

  • Next, navigate to the Model Manager in InvokeAI 3.0 (represented by a cube icon)

  • Select 'Import Models' from the Simple tab.

  • Paste the copied URL into the 'Model Location' field,

  • Click 'Add Model,' and InvokeAI 3.0 will download and install the model, making it available for your next use.


Got a question or Requests? Leave a comment below to let me know if this information becomes outdated. I will do my best to keep this blog updated as time goes on.

Stay up to date with what's happening with Stability AI and Stable Diffusion.


How to Install Stable Diffusion:

Learn how to use Stable Diffusion and much more. Visit the link below-

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