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How to Install ComfyUI: A Simple and Efficient Stable Diffusion GUI

Updated: Nov 14

Girl with Pink Hair - How to Install Comfy UI

ComfyUI: A Simple and Efficient Stable Diffusion GUI

ComfyUI is a user-friendly interface that lets you create complex stable diffusion workflows with a node-based system. You don’t need any coding skills to use it. Before you install ComfyUI, make sure you follow our prerequisite guide [here]. This will prepare you for using other tools like Automatic1111 and InvokeAI as well.

ComfyUI works with different versions of stable diffusion, such as SD1.x, SD2.x, and SDXL. It also runs smoothly on devices with low GPU vram. It has an asynchronous queue system and optimization features that save time and improve efficiency. You can use ComfyUI offline without any downloads.

ComfyUI is a powerful and versatile tool for stable diffusion. Don’t be scared by the technical terms. Just follow our installation guide and start creating amazing images from text.


Table of Contents:

  1. Step 1: Initiate Download

  2. Step 2: Extract the Downloaded File

  3. Step 3: Choose Installation Location

  4. Step 4: Installing the ComfyUI Manager

  5. Step 5: Set Up Models

  6. Final Step: Updating ComfyUI

  7. ComfyUI Hot Keys

Comfy UI Screen Shot
Node based UI

Step 1: Initiate Download

Start by visiting this GitHub link and scrolling down until you find the "Direct link to download". Clicking on it will initiate the download. Alternatively, you can directly Download from here.

Step 2: Extract the Downloaded File

  • Upon completion, you'll find a file titled "ComfyUI_windows_portable_nvidia_cu118_or_cpu".

  • Extract it using your preferred software (e.g., 7zip)

  • Open the "ComfyUI_windows_portable" folder.

  • Inside, you'll find two installation options. 1. "run_cpu" for users with less powerful GPUs 2. "run_nvidia_gpu" for those with capable GPUs.

  • In this guide, we'll use "run_nvidia_gpu" because most of us will probably have a GPU.

Blonde Retro Babe with shades - Installing Comfy UI
Install - Drop .ckpt or .safesensors model in here > start "run_nvidia_gpu"

Step 3: Choose Installation Location

Move the extracted folder to your desired installation location. You also have the option to extract the file directly within this folder.

Step 4: Installing the ComfyUI Manager

The ComfyUI Manager is a tool that helps you manage the custom nodes and workflows in ComfyUI. It allows you to install, update, enable, disable, and delete the nodes and workflows that you need. It also provides a web interface where you can see the information and documentation of all the available nodes and workflows. The ComfyUI Manager is not part of the original ComfyUI software and is developed by a third-party developer named ltdrdata, but it is pretty much a standard tool you should have in the UI so it is part of this installation process.

In this step, I will use Github Desktop to update the file. It is the least technical way to do it.

You can learn how to use Github Desktop here: Prerequisites Installation Guide

To clone and install the ComfyUI Manager repository, follow these steps:

  • Open Github Desktop and go to File > Clone Repository > URL

  • Copy and paste this URL in the Repository URL space:

  • In Local Path, go to your ComfyUI installation folder > ComfyUI > custom_nodes folder

  • Click Clone and wait for the process to finish

You have successfully cloned the ComfyUI Manager repository. You can now use it to install and update custom nodes and workflows in ComfyUI.

Install ComfyUI Manager using Github Desktop
Install ComfyUI Manager using Github Desktop
ComfyUI Manager
ComfyUI Manager

With the ComfyUI Manager, you can do the following:

  • Install custom nodes that you need for your stable diffusion projects

  • Install missing custom nodes that are required by other user’s workflows

  • Update ComfyUI to the latest version and get new features and bug fixes

  • Install models that are compatible with different versions of stable diffusion

The ComfyUI Manager is a useful tool that makes your work easier and faster. I will explain more about it in a future blog post. Stay tuned!

Step 5: Set Up Models

Option 1- Using models from A1111 folder.

If you're an A1111 user with various models in the Stable Diffusion Models folder:

  1. Locate the "extra_model_paths.yaml.example" file Rename it by removing ".example". ComfyUI Installation folder > ComyUI folder > "extra_model_paths.yaml.example"

  2. Right Click > Edit it with notepad.

  3. Update the line "base_path: path/to/stable-diffusion-webui/" to your A1111 Installation folder's directory. For me it is "base_path: D:\A1111-SDXL"

  4. Save the file and Close.

  5. Double click to start "run_nvidia_gpu". It should automatically open the UI. If not, then To see the GUI go to > example: "" in your browser.

  6. Done. Enjoy ComfyUI!

retro blonde with a pink blouse - extra path to models for ComfyUI
Change the base_path to your A1111 Installation folder.

Option 2- Download your models from

For this option, Do not change the "extra_model_paths.yaml.example" . Leave it as is.

  1. If you don't have any models yet, consider downloading a model such as SDXL 1.0 or any fine-tuned model on Try this popular one! DreamShaper. If you don't have the SDXL 1.0 models yet, Download it here.

  2. After downloading, navigate to your ComfyUI folder, then "models" > "checkpoints", and place your models there.

  3. Double click to start "run_nvidia_gpu". It should automatically open the UI. If not, then To see the GUI go to > example: "" in your browser.

  4. Done. Enjoy ComfyUI!

More information on SDXL 1.0 Here.

DreamShaper AI art and Pink Girl and her Pink Car
Download SDXL weights or Download the Fine-Tuned Models on

Final Step: Updating ComfyUI (Optional Step)

ComfyUI also provides an easy update mechanism.

  1. To update, simply navigate to the update folder,

  2. Run the "update_comfyui" batch file, and your ComfyUI will be updated!

ComfyUI Hot Keys

Pink Hair Babe with Shades - Hot keys for Comfy UI

For more information on ComfyUI, take a look at their Github.


Got a question or Requests? Leave a comment below to let me know if this information becomes outdated. I will do my best to keep this blog updated as time goes on.


How to Install Stable Diffusion:

Learn how to use Stable Diffusion and much more. Visit the link below-

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